Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fully Completely

For my first review I will taking a request from my friend to review a Tragically Hip album. The album I have chosen is Fully Completely.

First off I would like to say that this is my least favourite rap album I have ever heard. I put this on to the first track, Courage, and was expecting a lovely street tune about how courageous growing up on the streets of Canada could be. The beats are unoriginal and I cannot even dance to it. Instead of upbeat synthesizer I hear nothing but strange rock instruments that do not belong on a rap CD.

Next is the rapper himself, Gordon Downer. His flow fits the rhythm well enough I guess, but I cannot seem to understand a word he says. His high almost singing voice does not fit the rap genre as well as he might think it does. And don't get me started about the lyrical content. Where are the drugs and guns and bitches? All I'm hearing about is something called "hockey" and wheat. Maybe Canadians should just stick to not putting out rap albums.

Overall I was pretty disappointed by what this CD offered in the field of rap music.

I give it 2/10 on a scale of not dancing with myself to a fine dance work out.


  1. I agree that it's a pretty poor effort at a rap album, but the track "Fitty Missin' Caps" shows the potential that this band could achieve. If you turn off the lights and really get into the groove of it, you'll find it is a pretty good representation of urban Quebec that you can really let loose to. The singer could really benefit from auto-tune however.

  2. Sounds like little effort was put into it, like most music now days.

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  4. I didn't like this album either.

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  7. Not a big fan.


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