Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Sexy Hits: The Very Best of TLC

This review has been long awaited, and is finally here. As requested by fellow blogger Shane West, I bring to you the best band of all time. TLC. It is hard to pick an album, because they have so many incredible hits, so I chose to review their greatest hits album, Crazy Sexy Hits.

Let's get straight into reviewing this incredible disc. It kicks off with one of their best songs ever made, No Scrubs. Now I disagree with the message this song gives, because Scrubs was a phenomenal sitcom, and I recommend that everyone watch it. But message aside, this song can only be summed up in two words. Amaz... ing. The heavy backing music is monstrous, and the vocals of these three teenaged boys is a masterpiece. This song has me dancing everytime.

The second song is also an amazing hit. Waterfalls. This song rocks. Beyond all belief. Fuck Slayer. If you want to headbang, put on Waterfalls by TLC. There is only one way to sum up the beauty of this song. Ever seen a real life waterfall? Majestic pieces of nature. This song captures the beauty and energy of the real thing into one 5 minute package.

The next song on the CD that I hear is No Scrubs. This song is probably the best of the 3 yet. Yet again, like the first track, I am dancing all over the place. I just can't get enough of this album.

Track 4, Waterfalls kicks in next. Amazing. Soulful. Powerful. Heavenly.

Wait a minute. You might be wondering about the track list. Since the first 2 songs were so incredible, I programmed my CD player to just play the first 2 tracks on loop. I don't want to tarnish their genius by hearing any possible bad songs. Not that they could make any. But it's just a safety precaution.

All in all, if you like music, you like these songs. They sum up everything great about music. Fun, soulful, and amazing to dance to. Absolutely amazing. I recommend this CD to anyone who loves throwing off his clothes and dancing alone as much as I do, and honestly, who doesn't?

My first 100% scoring review.



  1. Great review. I'm glad you loved this cd as much as I do, I can't get to sleep without listening to waterfalls on loop with the volume all the way up.

  2. I find your reviewing style both intuitive and concise. Your ability ti dissect this work of art has been sincerely life changing.

    Thank's bro.

  3. I love the song don't go chasing waterfalls!

  4. I used to listen to these guiz in 2000

  5. man this brings back memories ^_^

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  7. Hm, I'll take a look at it one day maybe.

  8. FIRST R.I.P. Lisa "LEFTEYE" Lopez
    Secondly this album is one of my Favs..Good review